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What mandatory certificates must a security company have?

It is compulsory that the service provider has a license under the Law for Private Security Activity (LPSA) for the range of services offered. It is also necessary for the staff to have passed the mandatory minimum training program according to LPSA and the provider to to have a system for additional training, appropriate for its activities.

Is the risk assessment compulsory to do?

Each client who has addressed a security company seeks professional protection but not all realize the full potential of threats and risks to their safety and the safety of their business. It's important to build a concept, according to the concrete situation – who is doing what in a non-standard situation, to anticipate the necessary interactions and to draw appropriate measures. Threat analysis is a procedure that should precede the creation of any security system. Success is at hand when the offer includes a specific analysis of the real situation, recommendations for its improvement and financial and economic justification of costs.

What do we need to know when choosing a security service provider?

The basic fields we should have in mind when hiring a security service provider are four:

  • guards;
  • management of the services;
  • available infrastructure;
  • provider resources.

Another important factor is the reputation in the public space – be sure to ask for references. Experience, responsibility for damage and professional insurance for the benefit of third parties are facts that should be given special attention.

What do we need to know about manned guarding?

No matter how modern is the security equipment of a place, or how many levels of security are programmed, the man remains one of the main factors in everyday security activities. Any guard who is diligently doing his work is in fact doing a preventive work.

A company system for continuing training in addition to the initial guard training under LRSA, is a very good reference for the company. Equipment and weapons of the guards, technical means for communication with a monitoring center (radio or other connection), existence of non-stop operative center, the possibility of support by staff on duty if necessary, are factors that must be considered.

What is important to know about Alarm Response Security?

Check out how many and what sites applicant service provider protects in the country and in your region. When choosing a contractor for security alarm systems, complex services are preferred. Avoid installers of technical systems that are not licensed for private security activities or are not subcontractors of licensed companies.

The ways alarm signals and other information is transmitted from the protected sites to the monitoring center and vice verse, are important:

  • telephone line (reliable but not sufficient way);
  • radio channel (transmitter) and the number of channels;
  • GSM-network of mobile operators (modern method, which raises the price of the service and the device);
  • internet – leased line or fiber channel (modern and reliable method, that uses high technology and the price of the service and the device is higher).

The best reliability and security is achieved by a combination between the last three methods.

Are there any specific requirements concerning the clients of technical security systems?

In order to have effective protection, the clients of security service providers with technical systems should:

  • avoid to refuse internal inspections upon receipt of information from the alarm monitoring center at the site (most successful attempts for thefts are the result of underestimating this point);
  • let the company for security and maintenance perform periodic checks of alarm systems, including periodic testing of functionality of systems for contact with the monitoring center. This ensures timely identification and removal of hidden defects or technical problems, which may prove fatal to the security of the site.

What are the criteria when choosing security company for transporting valuables and cargo?

Security of valuables and cargo transportation should never be underestimated. This is especially true in time of economic crisis when criminal activities are increased. When choosing a service provider, the client should consider the following criteria:

  • the provider should have at its disposal specialized automobiles (they can be seen on the site or photographs, copies of certificates and licenses may be requested) in accordance with Regulation I-121 of 24.06.2004 on the procedure for organizing security in transporting valuables and goods;
  • the specialized vehicles should be equipped with a separate sector-vault and positioning device;
  • the service provider should have a monitoring center to control the specialized vehicles;
  • what liability does the contractor take towards valuables or cargo;
  • insurance for employees and provider's assets used;
  • armament and equipment of the security agents (means for reliable contact, body armor and technical aids).

What is USIS integrated service?

Our long experience has proved that overall look and complex solutions are the key to better effectiveness. That's why USIS applies an integrated approach to security by providing manned guarding, technical security systems, video surveillance, logistics and facility services. We always strive to provide service that best meets the needs of the customer. This means that depending on the specific requirements and needs, the client receives a set of security and/or facility services. The combinations are numerous and depend on the situation and the desire of the client.

How does USIS guarantee the quality of the services offered?

Quality of services and control are guaranteed by Quality Management System ISO 9001:2000.

For more than 18 years, our system of banking control over manned guarding is proving its efficiency and is the main unit in the process of managing our business.

USIS has built a property management system which ensures reliable access control over casual visitors and employees of the main suppliers and saves money by minimizing administrative engagements and through communication with a single supplier.

But the real asset of USIS are our employees. Over 50% of the guards have experience in business more than five years. All employees of the middle tier and 90% of executives have started working as security guards in the company. Their qualities are evaluated, developed and used skillfully. Thus, investment in training pays off repeatedly and stimulates other guards to work responsibly.

Why did USIS launch facility management services?

Providing facility management services is part of our ambition to offer comprehensive solutions that save resources and increase the efficiency of the customer. Working with a single supplier of security and facility management services makes communication easier, reduces costs and increases the level of security for our customers.